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Andy & Anna

Peopletree is a unique workshop and retreat space carved in to the foothills of the magical Tramuntana mountains of Alaro, on the stunning island of Mallorca in Spain. The doors opened in February 2015 and Andy & Anna´s mission is to bring like-minded people together to share inspiring content in a beautiful place. They invite teachers, musicians and inspirational speakers to collaborate.

From Anna´s historic TV marketing career in London, she will help theme, position and promote events. Anna is a passionate Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Gong Practitioner and became a teacher in 2011 with Karam Kriya School. This powerful practice was pivotal to Anna finding a way to live a more balanced life doing more of what she loves. This also lead her to write her current book, “How To Leave Your Dream Job” and she offers coaching sessions to inspire people through their own transitions. You can find a teaser chapter under the `book´ section.

 Andy is a keen musician and is always looking for developing artists to work together. He has a music production facility and is mad about the guitar and didgeridoo. You can hear his first Chill Out Tunes Peopletree album, created for a yoga portal, under the `sound´ section. He is currently working on a mixed genre album with the intriguing 432Hz frequency.

Andy is also passionate about creating vegan and vegetarian foods from around the world and is shortly publishing some of his favourite recipes in the “Peopletree Cookbook”.

 Together, Andy and Anna take people on a journey with the sounds and vibrations of The Gong and The Didgeridoo. A deeply relaxing experience for even those who find it difficult to meditate.  Regular events take place at Peopletree Mallorca and private retreats on land or boats worldwide.